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WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS is a middle priced restaurant that appeals to the person who deserves informality with real and perceived values for money spent dining out and eating on-the-go.

The restaurant features a warm, pleasant atmosphere, fast service and quality food served from a menu which features Famous Buffalo Wings, as well as 100% Angus Beef Hamburgers Homemade French Fries, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, Quesadillas, Salads, and our specialty dessert, homemade fried fruit pies. The restaurant offers workers, retail clerks, semi-professional and professional people who work in the vicinity a nice atmosphere to unwind from the toils of the day while enjoying our many much deserved entrees.

A well defined training program for new employees and our ongoing employee development programs cover a centralized range of food item preparation training which allows for an easy learning atmosphere that offers quick and simple training procedures to ensure almost any labor demographic. Customer service personnel receives minimum wage with a tip credit offset. Staffing is organized to provide for cleaning and preparation tasks, which are assumed by all employees, keeping labor costs at a minimum.

WPNT Express Concept


Wings, Pizza N Things has adapted their Fresh is Best fast-casual dining to an Express format that includes custom-built pizzas in a 3.5 minute oven along with top your own burger, wings and other favorites.

Pizza – choose your dough style, choose your sauce, choose your cheese and choose your toppings.

Burger – choose the size, choose your cheese, choose your toppings.

Wings – choose your size, choose your sauce.

Salad – choose your greens, choose your toppings.

Our format allows our guests to customize your pizza or burger choosing your fresh toppings or one of our signature items. Simply step to the counter and choose your ingredients to make your pizza and watch it be constructed before your eyes. The pizza dough is made fresh daily, burgers are fresh CAB, wings are fresh and fries are hand cut.  

The concept is centered around delivering Fresh is Best quality food at amazing speeds. Our goal is to provide great speed and service to enjoy your meal instead of spending time waiting for it.


Min. Liquid Capital: $75,000

Total Investment: $250,000

Wings Pizza N Things Commercial

Wings Pizza N Things offers Multi-Unit and Master Franchise agreements globally. If you are impressed with the look of our store and what you have read so far, when you look at our foundation, you will be even more impressed. We have incorporated many unique selling points into our system to make it work for you. Contact us to see how you can become a member of the Wings-Pizza-N-Things Restaurants Team!

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